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Killarney to Dublin

We left Killarney to travel to Dublin, driving through limerick and Kildare. We stopped at limerick for lunch and a look at St Mary’s cathedral and King Johns Castle. We walked to the castle and wandered around it then walked around the town. There were many stone walls still dating either 1600 or 1800 still used for property fencing. We found a pub that had a beer garden surrounded by these old stone walls. We also saw a row of thatched roofed houses along the main street.


We had lunch in a little coffee shop then back on the bus to the next stop at Kildare where we visited the national Irish horse stud. It was a very flash horse stables and there was one horse that we recognised called Vintage Crop, it won the Melbourne Cup in 1993. We also looked at a Japanese garden there then drove to Dublin.


After checking into our hotel we went out to a Irish Cabaret night which had River Dancing, singing and a great Irish comedian who had plenty of jokes about Patty and Murphy.

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Today we had a fairly relaxing drive around the Ring of Kerry, and we had a later start which meant no rushing in the morning.

The Ring of Kerry is on the south western tip of Ireland and the road goes in a loop following the sea between the coast and a wonderful mountain range. We had a number of stops at lookout points where there were fantastic views, photos just can’t show the amount that you see.
We travelled in an anti-clockwise direction stopping for lunch and a restaurant perched on a hill with unrestricted views over a bay. We then travelled back towards Killarney past a number of inland lakes which were within an 8000 acre national park.


After we arrived back in in town we went on a horse and cart ride through the town centre and through the Killarney gardens and park, stopped at an old 1400 castle for a look and rode back to town.


Dinner tonight was at an Irish restaurant just down the street with a few from the tour then to pub to listen to Irish music.

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Waterford to Killarney

Our first stop this morning was Waterford Crystal where we watched the glass blowers and engravers do their stuff. The work they did was terrific and very detailed, there were a couple of displays that have been used in the London Olympics. The current factory is only a portion of what it once was.


We then travelled through Corke and stopped at Blarney. We climbed the old castle spiral stairs to the top to kiss the Blarney stone. It is open to the weather on the top of the Castle and we were so lucky that it started to pour with rain as we were climbing back down the tower turret, which was under cover. We could hear the screams of people on top as they were getting wet! Apparently it is typical Irish weather that we had as it was back into sunshine within 5 minutes.


We had a look around the town of Blarney then headed to Killarney. The town centre is very old style with lots of small shops, pubs and cafés in the streets and lanes.


Tonight we went out to an Irish Folk theatre that was like an amateur theatre company play with river dancing. They danced the story of a traditional Irish story involving a king, a witch and kids that were turned into swans… It was OK.
Back in town all the pubs are busy with people and music, it was a pretty lively Saturday night in town.

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Wales to Ireland - Waterford

Its a little cooler today, down to about 20 degrees.

Lots of news about the starting day for the Olympic Games, even Wales has banners and events. We left Newport and stopped for a short time at Cardiff where we walked around the Cardiff Castle and then the main streets. Although it is the capital of Wales it is a like a small town similar to the size of Geelong. Skyped Trav from Starbucks.

We then headed to the sea town of Fishguard and caught the ferry to Rosslare Ireland. The boat ride took about 3 hours, lucky the weather was clear, sunny and calm sea so we could walk and sit outside. We did about plenty of laps of the boat, its a bit boring after a while but its probably the quickest and easiest way to Ireland. We don't have to worry about luggage and transfers we would had if we had caught a plane.


We arrived in Rosslare about 6pm then travelled to Waterford, we are now in the 12th country!.. Dinner is at the hotel tonight.

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London to Wales

We left London this morning heading for Wales. We stopped for a short time at Kensington gardens which were pretty well looked after, there were more gardeners there than we have seen at any garden before.


Next stop was Stonehenge, they were just as we imagined. It was a perfect clear warm day with no clouds in the sky, it would have been good to see them with a fog mist around them but I guess that is a bit optimistic for the middle of summer.


We had a lunch stop at Salisbury which was an old style town then went to Bath. The self-guided tour was very good explaining what the Roman baths were originally like and how and why they built them. Bath looked like a very interesting town but we only had a couple of hours there to see what we could.


Left Bath and crossed the border into Wales and stopped the night at Newport. Dinner was at the Hotel and was quite nice. We notice the meal sizes are already bigger than what we were used to in Paris, no wonder everyone in Paris was thinner!

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