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Paris To London

Our last day in Paris for a while stared with breakfast at the hotel, the food there is great traditional type of French breakfast (croissants, breads, fruits, cereals and coffee) and not expensive.

We only had half a day so we stayed in the Latin Quarter and walked to new areas we had not yet seen. It was fairly hot, about 30 degrees and humid, so we tried to avoid walking too long in the sun. We found another shopping department store that was interesting to see and had a few things we were looking for. Before we knew it was time to head back to the hotel and go to the Eurostar station.


Left Paris and 4:15 and arrived in London at 5:30pm. London is 1 hour behind Paris so it was a 2 hour 15 min journey. London was very busy leading up to the Games, we got to the hotel OK by taxi and just went to a local pub for dinner.

Went to bed 1 hour earlier, we forgot to set our clocks to London time!

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Slept in today, hooray!

We went down to a local café for breakfast which was nice then caught the underground to Champ-Elysees, the large main street of Paris.
We got off the train a stop earlier and walked through the gardens, there was still a lot of packing up from the Tour De France. We stopped by the Palace De L’Elysee, took photos and the Patit Palace where we went in for a look.

Then walked up the shopping strip of Champ-Elysees which had many shops similar to home like Body shop and Quicksilver! We went into Louis Vuitton for just a look, people were buying things everywhere as though there was a sale on but what we could see was the smallest purses ranged from 200 to 600 euro! Not our type of sale unfortunately.


The rest of the day we went to Galleries Lafayette which is the Paris version of Harrods, then headed back to our hotel area and looked around there. We had dinner then walked around the islands where Notre Dame is, had a crepe and cup of tea at a typical French crepe café and then walked a bit more! It was a beautiful warm night so we stayed until about 10pm and watched the sunset over the Seine river.


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Today started with a Louvre tour, we walked from the Hotel to the Louvre and picked up the tour just outside. The tour gave us direct entrance which was fortunate as the queue’s had built up by 10am.

We were shown around the main attractions, Da Vinci’s paintings including the Mona Lisa, statue of Venus de Milo, the “Winged Victory of Samothrace and heaps of other stuff. There is so much there to take in that you would be exhausted seeing only part of it. They say it would take 3 months to see everything, with the crowds there today it would take 3 years, it was very busy!


After the tour we looked at a few other things then left to have lunch. We walked through the Concord (the place where they all got beheaded during the revolution) and eventually found a salad bar. Carol was wrapped she found this and thought it was the best café in Paris.
We then caught the subway to Sacre Coeur which is on one of the highest points of Paris, we had great views over the city. There was however heaps of stairs to get there.

Caught the Subway back then went on a boat cruise down the Seine. We brought a bottle of wine before the cruise and had that on the trip. Wine is so cheap here, our bottle only cost 5 euro. The cruise was very nice, it went from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower and back.
Had dinner at a café across the road and crashed tonight!


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Today we started with a lovely French breakfast at the hotel, all the food as fresh and reasonably priced. We then took a short walk to Notre Dame and found there wasn’t a queue to get in so we had a quick look inside.

We then went to the entrance to view the top of the building, this time there was a queue and we ended up waiting in line for about 45 minutes. It was worth it though, we first walked up a spiral staircase to on level, then a smaller spiral staircase to the church bell tower area. This had great views and we could see the original bell. We then walked up a smaller spiral staircase to the very top!


When we finally got down we had lunch a one of the millions of cafés here. Then we walked up to Musee D’Orsay, the impressionist museum. We saw paintings from Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir just to name a few.

Headed back to our hotel and got ready for our big night at Moulin Rouge. This was a fantastic show with dancing, singing, cabaret, magic, comedy and more, we were glad we saw it. The show finished about 11:30pm so we had a bit of a look around the shops nearby then caught a cab back to the hotel.


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We had a late breakfast with Alex and Sheena, said good bye to the last of the group left at the hotel and caught a cab to our hotel we had booked, near Notre Dame in the Latin Quarter.

We checked in and were quite happy with the place, it is older and smaller than the hotels we have stayed so far but it is more like what we expected a French hotel would be. It is also in a great area surrounded by cafes, restaurants and small shops. A short walk takes us to Notre Dame and the Seine River.


We walked down to Notre Dame for a “free” guided walking tour which was really good. It is free but you are asked to tip the tour guide at the end if you enjoyed it. We didn’t go in the cathedral but walked around it and the surrounding streets and found out facts that we would never had known.


We had lunch at a very quaint café, Carol had quiche and Colin had a crepe. After that we spent time in the area and walked to the Palladium, at the end of our street. Didn’t have any time to look inside as we had dinner booked at the Eiffel Tower.

We caught a taxi to the Eiffel Tower and our reservations gave us once again express tickets to the lifts. The restaurant was on the 1st level and we had a window seat, looking west. The views were great and the dinner was first class. It was well worth doing.
When dinner finished we caught the lift to the very top of the tower and stayed there for sunset. They were selling glasses of champagne which we had while we waited till the sun went down, sunset was about 9:45pm!
Got back to the hotel after 11pm.


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